We specialize in:

  • Pin timing generators
  • Low-capacitance/high-voltage pin electronics
  • Low and high voltage/current DC Parametric Measurement Units (PMU)
  • Sub-nanosecond AC Parametric Test Units
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generators and Digitizers (AWG and AWD)
  • Time measurement and skew calibration modules
  • High-speed test sequencers
  • Programmable power supplies
  • High-bandwidth analog and digital test front ends
  • Parallel DUT testing architectures
  • Mixed signal test and measurement
  • High power test circuits
  • Laser optical test devices
  • Flash memory test algorithms
  • Mixed signal ASIC

Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) System R&D and Design

MiNT Systems’ product R&D and design is focused on modular instruments and  ATE systems for analog, digital, memory, and mixed signal testing. In addition to offering general-purpose instruments to the industry, we provide our ATE customers with complete system hardware and test application software for various complex devices.We custom-engineer ATE systems to meet test industry demands, working with our clients’ engineers and technicians to design and manufacture instruments, modules, and complete test systems to the their specific and individual requirements. We provide our test solutions efficiently because our existing test modules and device-specific test systems can be easily combined to satisfy unique customer needs.

Our company is continually developing new test technologies, instrument platforms, and modules to provide even higher performance and greater value to satisfy the evolving requirements of our customers.