Flash Device Test System (FDTS)


The MiNT Systems’ MS7208 Flash Device Test System (FDTS) is a multi-site automatic test system primarily designed for engineering and production in flash device manufacturing.

The MS7208 system can test a wide range of device families including – but not limited to – NAND flash, NOR flash, multi-level flash, multi-die flash, EEPROM, RAM, and mixed-technology memory devices.

Built on the flexible modular ATE platform, the MS7208 can be tailored to test a single device or up to 8 devices simultaneously with one Flash Device Test Module. The parallel testing capability is field-expandable from 1 module to 30 modules (up to 240 devices; higher device count optional), providing great flexibility in configuring the MS7208 to work manually or with any single site or multi-site prober or handler.

The application-specific PC Windows-based test software allows the user to create, edit, and store custom test program flows, which can be used to collect and analyze even the most complex test combinations. Additionally, the network-ready MS7208 is equipped to interface with your factory intranet, providing test results and data analysis to those who need it most. The PC-based controls allow the MS7208 to be incorporated into your network in minutes.

MiNT Systems is dedicated to advancing semiconductor testing technology. We are continuously adding new modules to the ATE family to provide more test functions with higher accuracy and greater flexibility.


  • Tests a wide range of flash device families
  • Supports open, short, resistance, and leakage tests
  • Supports programming, verify, and erase algorithms
  • Advanced precision test system in a bench top portable package
  • Multi-die testing
  • Single-site and multi-site testing configurations
  • Field-expandable test sites
  • Flexible pin number configuration
  • Windows-based spreadsheet-like programming
  • Comprehensive MiNT Test Flow Editor software for fast device test application generation
  • Interfaces for any wafer-prober or device handler


  • DC and functional testing for flash memory devices
  • DC testing for any device up to 96 pins per module
  • Use as a general test system, a programmer, or an endurance test system


For specifications, please download our brochure (PDF).

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