MiNT Systems Corporation


About MiNT


Founded in 1987, MiNT Systems Corporation is a privately held Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) and measurement instrument manufacturer. We are dedicated to setting high standards in value and productivity in the global marketplace. Our company strives to apply innovative design techniques to advanced technology, developing cost-effective test systems that meet or exceed the stringent requirements of today's test and measurement environment.

Located in the heart of California's Silicon Valley, MiNT Systems is ideally situated to collaborate with leading semiconductor manufacturers and other high-tech companies producing analog, mixed signal, power, and digital device test equipment. Our customers include numerous major Silicon Valley and international tech firms. An established company with a cosmopolitan outlook, MiNT Systems has built a global presence with resources and business relationships all over the world.

Our Mission

MiNT Systems endeavors to push the boundaries of the automatic testing industry by designing high reliability into every aspect of its products by using advanced, proven technologies in innovative system architectures. As a result, all of our instruments and test systems feature exceptional performance-to-price ratios, high throughput, flexible operation, and outstanding uptime. Our instruments' modular architecture allows for easy expansion that grows with future needs, and built-in efficiency and accuracy provide engineers with the tools necessary for rapid development of test application hardware and software. Effectual and dependable, MiNT engineering resources can quickly fulfill day-to-day test requirements with high performance test systems and solutions.

ATE System R&D and Design

MiNT Systems' product R&D and design are focused on modular instruments and ATE systems for analog, digital, memory, and mixed signal testing. In addition to offering general-purpose instruments to the industry, we provide our ATE customers with complete system hardware and test application software for various complex devices.

We custom-engineer ATE systems to meet test industry demands, working with our clients' engineers and technicians to design and manufacture instruments, modules, and complete test systems to the their specific and individual requirements. We provide our test solutions efficiently because our existing test modules and device-specific test systems can be easily combined to satisfy unique customer needs.

Our company is continually developing new test technologies, instrument platforms, and modules to provide even higher performance and greater value to satisfy the evolving requirements of our customers.

Commitment to Customers

Over the years, our company has earned a solid reputation for fulfilling its customers' high expectations. MiNT Systems maintains a staff of engineers experienced in all phases of instrumentation and systems design, implementation, application, and support. All of our employees share a strong commitment to leading-edge quality and complete customer satisfaction. This fundamental commitment includes our dedication to producing high-value test systems that satisfy our customers' present and future testing needs, as well as our diligence in ensuring customer satisfaction by providing excellent reliability, service, applications, worldwide training, and technical support.