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Synasys(tm) series

Synasys™ Mixed Signal Test System, Model 8300 - a flexible test and measurement platform, featuring multiple modular plug-ins that facilitate signal measurement, analysis, and test functions

Synasys™ Mixed Signal Waveform Analyzer, Model 8321 - a full-featured multi-channel digital storage oscilloscope, which can capture up to six (6) 300MHz analog and/or up to forty-eight (48) logic timing waveforms simultaneously

Synasys™ Automatic Open/Short Tester, Model MS7800 - a multi-channel device continuity test system, which can scan up to one hundred ninety-two (192) device pins

Other products

Flash Device Test System, Model MS7208 - a multi-site automatic test system primarily designed for engineering and production in flash memory or device manufacturing

High Speed Flash Memory Programming System, Model MS7880 - a state of the art modular flash memory programming system designed to easily interface with many commercially available handler and prober systems

Omega Mixed Signal Test System - a full featured mixed signal test system that permits the user to configure the system for specific test applications and easily expand the system to test a wide variety of analog and mixed signal semiconductor components

Lithium/Fuel Cell Test System, Model MS7020B - a fully independent Tester-per-Channel architecture and flexible modularized system allowing the user to program the system and test various cell technologies of both primary and secondary power cells including lithium cells and fuel cells

Lithium Battery Test System, Model MS7530 and Model 7380 - a fully independent Tester-per-Channel modular system allowing the user to configure the system from R & D to all phases of manufacturing, including battery technology development, characterization, and testing

High Power Battery Test System, Model MS7526 - a fully independent Tester-per-Channel modular system allowing the user to test high power batteries for technology development characterization and quality assurance

Custom instruments & test systems

MiNT Systems has over 25 years of experience in designing automatic test systems for the semiconductor industry. Please contact us to find out how we can design a custom system for you.