MiNT Systems Corporation


Test Solutions

MiNT Systems have been offering test solutions to semiconductor industry for more than 15 years. MiNT's test solutions has been proven successfully in the areas of analog IC's, discrete semiconductor components, power semiconductors, A/D and D/A converters, PWM IC's, various audio and video IC's and Flash Memories.

MiNT Systems is committed to providing total test solutions to the high-tech industry by relying on our highly reliable test systems and by applying MiNT's expertise in test applications. Most importantly, we work very closely with our customers to achieve the highest guarantee to their product quality while improving production costs.

The following test solutions are built on the Synasys&trade Mixed Signal Test System platform, which also offers device-specific and cost-effective test solutions for many other devices and modules.

Lithium/Fuel Cell Test System, Model 7020B - a Synasys™ Mixed Signal Test System test solution for the battery R&D industry

Automatic Open/Short Tester, Model MS7800 - a multi-channel device continuity test system